A1. Who should register on magic-property.com?
Any person who want to sell, buy or rent a property can register to magic-property.com. Only registered customers can post a property or post a requirement on our site.

A2. How to register on magic-property.com?
One can register by submitting the required details in the sign up page. After sign-up you will have to verify your email id before you can start using your ID to login on magic-property.com. Once registered, user can edit their profile from 'My Account' after logging in.

A3. Why should I register on magic-property.com?
magic-property.com is an exclusive real-estate portal for All India. Registering to magic-property.com enables you to post the property details as a seller and post any of your property requirements. You can also send SMS or Email to the owner of a property posted on the site instantly through our interface.

A4. Can I use magic-property.com without registering?
You can use magic-property.com as a guest user to search and find thousands of properties and details. You can access complete resource on real-estate accessory pages too.

A5. Why should I give my email id and contact details when I am registering on magic-property.com?
Your email ID will be used to create your unique ID on magic-property.com. You would require this to login with us every-time you wish to use our site. All your contact information would be used to deliver you with responses from prospective customers as SMS and Email.

A6. How do I add photos while registering?
After registering your personal info, select Post Property to post property details where you will have option to upload photo. You can upload one photo along with posting property details. Additional photos (up to 20 in photo gallery) will be free.

A7. What happens if there are objectionable contents in any of the matter I have entered?
If by any chance any/all of the fields have objectionable content, the admin rejects entries in the field and sends you an email showing the reason why it has been rejected. You can change the matter and enter the fresh content using the link Edit in My Account page. The new entry will be screened and approved by the admin.

Post Property

B1. What is Post Property option in magic-property.com?
After register to magic-property.com you can post the property details to list the property to sell/rent which will be viewed by the buyers who want to buy/rent the property through Search. You can upload one photo along with the property details.

B2. Why should I enter Property Description magic-property.com?
You can include more details in the Property description field that gives a clear idea to the customer visiting your property details. The better you describe, the better your buyer will know about your property.

B3. Should I enter the contact details in Post Property?
The contact address, phone numbers and email id will be the instant source of contact for those who you view your property. So it is important that you enter your contact information without errors.

B4. What is my Property ID?
Once a property is listed on magic-property.com, an ID will be provided which will be unique for your property. This number with a suffix randomly will be displayed against your property whenever it’s viewed. The property ID can be entered in the Search option, Search by property ID, to find the property you want.

My Account

C1. How do I log on to magic-property.com?
You can log on to magic-property.com using your username and password created during Registration. If you forget your password, you can click on the link Forgot Password in the Homepage to create new password.

C2. How can I change the information I submitted during Registration?
You can change information submitted during registration by clicking on Update Profile in your My Account Page after logging on to magic-property.com with your user name and password.

C3. How can I change my password submitted on Registration?
You can change your password by clicking on Change Password in your My Account Page after logging on to magic-property.com with your user name and password.

C4. What is My Properties?
My Properties gives you a summary of all the properties posted by you on magic-property.com. Clicking on each property will give you details of the properties which can be edited and made active again, if required.

C7. What is My Requirements?
My Requirements gives you a summary of all the property requirements posted by you. You can add/edit/ delete your requirements.

C8. What is Manage Subscriptions?
Manage Subscriptions is a history of all the payments made by you for the different properties posted on the site. It will have the list of payments made, validity of subscription, renewal dates and other related information’s.

C9. What is Saved Searches?
When you search for a property on our site, you have an option save the 'Search' performed by you. All the searches saved by you will be saved to your account here for future reference.

C10. What is My Watch list?
While searching for a property on the site, you can always add your favorite ones to your Watch list. All the properties you add to your Watch list can be viewed in 'My Watch list'.

C11. What is My Contacts?
My Contacts is a list of contacts made for your property and contacts you made for other properties.

C13. What is Post Properties?
To post a new property on magic-property.com, you can post it through your account with 'Post Property'.


E1. How can I contact magic-property team?
You can contact us through email at info@magic-property.com or call us at 9311845508, whatsapp 9868845508 or write to us at magicproperty11@gamil.com, F # 121, Pkt. GH-1, Sector-29, Rohini, Delhi-110042.