Zone- P (North Delhi)

One of the features of MPD-2021 is to develop 5 more zones / areas in Delhi to cater for this surplus demand of residential units to accommodate growing population, for which DDA has earmarked land at Zone J, K, L, N & P (P-I and P-II) for raising residential projects.

As per MPD – 2001 this Zonal Development Plan for River Yamuna area is for part of Zone ‘P’ (North of Wazirabad Road) upto the Northern boundary of National Capital Territory of Delhi) and Zone ‘O’, south of Wazirabad Road upto the Southern boundary of the National Capital Territory of Delhi.

The area under reference bears special characteristics in terms of being an eco-sensitive area, consisting natural feature with large stretches of land between water course and existing bunds on the sides of river Yamuna. The whole expanse of these stretches are not to be used for development, therefore need to be taken up of Section 8 of the DDA Act, but once approved in principal will act as policy framework for formulating action/area plans leading to eco friendly development.

Location Boundaries and Area

River Yamuna enters from Palla traverses through Union Territory of Delhi and leave it at Jaitpur in the South side.

River Yamuna is bounded as under :

  • North: NCTD Boundary
  • South: NCTD Boundary
  • East: Marginal Bund and NCTD Boundary
  • West: Marginal Bund, Ring Road and proposed NH-2 along Agra canal.