Zone- K part(South West Delhi)

One of the features of MPD-2021 is to develop 5 more zones / areas in Delhi to cater for this surplus demand of residential units to accommodate growing population, for which DDA has earmarked land at Zone J, K, L, N & P (P-I and P-II) for raising residential projects.

Dwarka sub-city forms part of zone-K and forms part of the urban extension plan approved by the Authority vide Agenda no.79 dt. 30.06.1987 as part of Master Plan of Delhi 2001.

The urban extension plan was prepared to accommodate the projected population and was conceived to be developed in four phases Dwarka sub-city forms part of Phase 1A of the Urban extension plan.


The Dwarka Sub-city is situated in the south-west of Delhi and forms part Zone K having an area of 12056 ha. It is bounded by Najafgarh Road on the north-west, Pankha Road on the north-east, the Rewari Railway line on the south-west and the Najafgarh drain on the west.

The total area of the sub-city is 5648 Ha. This is bisected by the underground Mathura-Jullandhar oil pipeline into Phase I on the North-East and Phase II on the South-west. Area under Phase I is 3652 Ha while under phase II, it is 1996 Ha.