Zone- L (West Delhi-III)

One of the features of MPD-2021 is to develop 5 more zones / areas in Delhi to cater for this surplus demand of residential units to accommodate growing population, for which DDA has earmarked land at Zone J, K, L, N & P (P-I and P-II) for raising residential projects.

The basic objectives of Zonal Plan for Planning Zone ‘L’ under MPD 2021 are:

The zone covers an area of 22,979 hact. & is surrounded by the following:

  1. NH-10 / Rohtak Road and Railway line, in the North
  2. Zone ‘K’ mainly comprising of Dwarka Sub- City , in the East and
  3. The National Capital Territory of Delhi boundary on it’s southern and western sides.

Approximately 46 villages fall in this zone (Refer Annexure I). Najafgarh is one of the major urban agglomeration. Other settlements like Tikri Kalan, Dhansa, Jharoda Kalan, Jasfarpur Kalan etc are major rural settlements.